Thursday, July 14, 2011

Public Image/Customer Service

I recently traveled through the states of Indiana/Kentucky/Tennessee and made several observations on how I experienced service to the traveler.

In lower Indiana just North of the city of Evansville I was on U. S. Route 41 when I needed fuel.  I stopped at a Circle K outlet and sent my Bride inside to ask the attendant to turn on the pump so I could refuel.  It is my custom to obtain fuel in this manner to avoid the scamming of the Outside Credit/Debit Card reader that is often on fuel pumps.  She ask the attendant and is willing to share the Credit Card with the attendant.  By the way this method works in every state that we traveled in, exept Indiana.  We use Circle K outlets which offer BP fuel and have never had the problem we experienced in Indiana.  The attendant refused to turn on the pump.  We then attempted to use the Outside Card Reader to no avail.  It appeared to be jammed.  My Bride reported this to the attendant who told us to back up to the other pump and that he would then turn it on.  We did this and obtained the fuel we needed.  Not a very nice experience.  I will always remember how I was treated in Indiana.

We then proceeded South and arrived in Kentucky when we determined that a nice lunch would be appropriate.  We noted a billboard for a Cracker Barrel at exit 81A of the Pennyrile Parkway and decided to stop for a nice meal.  When we travel we often use this retailer because you know the food will be appropriate and fairly priced.  Our Wait Staff person, Joshua was certainly a credit to the Cracker Barrel organization as well as himself.  We enjoyed a delightful lunch.  We were impressed with the level of customer service we had experienced in Kentucky.

It was not long before we arrived in Tennessee.  We stopped at the Welcome center on I-65 close to Fort Campbell. The water fountains at this welcome center provided cool, refreshing water.  I have observed that often the water fountains provide warm water, especially when they are located outside.  Tennessee has set a standard of excellence for all Welcome Centers in the U. S. A. 

I submit this Blog Post to simply relate my experience during this trip.  Additionally, I feel that it is important for all to realize that no State or Retail Organization never knows who will be using their services.  I think that it is important that everyone in any situation to represent their State and/or Organization in the best manner possible.  No one ever knows the mission of the traveler/visitor.  I could well have been a representative of a business looking for a site to relocate a firm/factory.  My impressions regarding the level of Customer Service would indeed impact my judgement and thereby be reflected in any report that I would submit to the decision makers I would be representing.

Therefore I would suggest that it is imperative that all who face the public put their best foot forward.

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