Friday, May 04, 2012

Pain at the Pump!!!!

Recently we here in the United States of America experienced very high prices for a gallon of gasoline for our Automobiles.  I must admit that we in this Country have it quite nice when compared to gasoline prices in other parts of the World.  That stated, recently gasoline approached $4.00 a gallon.  In recent weeks the price has dropped considerably.

So what is incorrect or wrong abou that?  The electronic media (both network and cable) continually remind us that the price has dropped considerably.  While I am confident that most of us appreciate that fact I am concerned about the attitude that may be developing.  While decreases in prices are appreciated I would like to discuss this situation.

Most of us know that we have a vast source of fuel here in our own country and we for some reason refuse to develop it.  Yet we are being misled that the current price reductions are to be appreciated.  What will the prices go to this Summer, the Summer of 2012?  No one knows, yet we can safely assume that they will go higher.  That is just the nature of the business.

While the recent price spike in gasoline may be compared to attempting to shower or bathe in water with a temperature of 212 degrees (which is boiling here in the U. S. A.) I remain confident that most of us would not appreciate being told that with the water at 180 degrees that we should enjoy the opportunity to shower or bathe in cooler water. 

While this example may appear drastic, I would submit that it is a fair comparison in view of the recent spike in the price of gasoline and the recent reductions that are being touted by the electronic media.  These price reductions are welcome; but of little comfort for those who do not have employment.  Even at $3.50 a gallon for gasoline it requires a fair amount of funds to participate in an active manner to seek employment.  I know much can be done online; however I remain confident that most employers still consider it quite appropriate to conduct on location in person interviews before they hire a potential employee. 

So, I submit today, would you appreciate a shower or bath at 180 degrees when you recently had to endure temperatures of 212 degrees?

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