Wednesday, May 02, 2012

School Call

"Presentation to the Bibb County Board of Education"

A Summary of the requirements of Georgia's Open Meetings Act and Open Records Act.

Today I attended this School  Call which was conducted by a member of the Georgia's Attorney General's Staff.  This School Call included recently enacted revisions to the Open Records Act.  The power point presentation was thorough and the presentor asked for and received questions during the presentation.  From my point of view it was a very worthwhile presentation for anyone who is concerned about transparency in our various Governments.

While this event was billed as for "The Bibb County Board of Education" the officials and duly elected leaders from other local governments were welcome to attend.

I arrived early, as is my mantra, to insure that I would have a seat at this well publicized event.

I was shocked that only Mr. Tom Hudson, who called the meeting to order and Ms. Lynn Farmer of the Bibb School Board were able to attend.  Dr. Dallemand was also present.

I did not observe than any duly elected leader from the City of Macon or the County of Bibb was in attendance.  Now to be totally fair, I may have missed someone, but I can honestly state that I know these individuals by name and face.  I did not see any from the City or County who was elected to serve "We The People."

I did observe one School Board Candidate, Jason Downey and one County Commissioner Candidate, Mallory Jones in the School Board Meeting Room.  Again, to be fair, there may have been other candidates there.

The concluding comment from the presentation was:

"We look to citizens and officials to act in good faith under the law and to work first together to resolve disputes.  It is not our Office's role to become involved in petty or political squabbles."

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