Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dangerous Drivers

It is that time of the year when once again, self-centered young citizens think they have the right to destroy property by showing just how skillfully  they can operate operate vehicles.

I would suggest that if any concerned parent noted their children's vehicle with grass and/or mud in the wheel wells they would attempt to find out why!!!

Here is a fairly accurate tire print.  If my own dear children had arrived home with mud in the wheel well I would have at least asked how this happened.

I am confident that there are some among us that feel that they have a "right" to drive.  I would submit that in order to drive a motor vehicle one has to prove they know what is right and wrong.  They have to pass a knowledge test on the rules of the road, etc. and also demonstrate to a license examiner that they can be trusted to operate a motor vehicle.  Based on the destruction that I observed and photographed there are those among us who do not understand that it is a priviledge to operate a motor vehicle.

Some where among our fellow citizens we have parents who may not have instilled a sense of responsibility in their offspring.  Or, even worse, these offspring were properly trained; but took the opportunity to show off to themselves and/or their peers just how much destruction they could perform during the annual "Rites of Spring."

In the end, one has to feel sorry for anyone who would damage other people's property just for the fun of it. 


Anonymous said...

I blame it on cheap gasoline -- much cheaper than the rest of the world.
a society that worships speed over safety, and conquest over cooperation, road builders over neighborhood citizens.
Oh, and the additive to gasoline that we use in the US is our young men's blood -- blended with Persian and Arabian and Moslem blood. Throw in some soiled beaches and poisoned marine life... Ah, that is real High Test Fuel for teenage drivers!

Alan said...

The Flower Child responds:

Certainly an interesting viewpoint.

Now, some may consider me quite naive, however I do recall that "self-centered" approaches to rules and regulations commenced many years prior to crude oil being discovered.

If I recall correctly a young Lady named "Eve" and her husband "Adam" were self centered enough to fall victim to Satan's promise that they would know it all. Thus they consumed the forbidden fruit, the apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

So today's teen's have a legacy that was given to them by parents many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Flower Child - You are so correct. The sinful condition of our Youth is a result of what some call "Original Sin."

Of course this is inherited from Parents as you stateed.