Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer Opportunities

"Dream - Big READ"

You are encouraged to join the Summer Reading Club at your local Bibb County public library.  That is the information contained on a flyer that I acquired last week at my local Library Branch.

The program runs from June 4th through July 21, 2012 and is known as the "Summer Reading Children's Programing."

The following is a summary of the Summer Reading Program in Bibb County:

Shurling - Mondays 10:30 A.M.  744-0875
West Bibb - Tuesdays 10:30 A.M.  744-0818
Lanford - Wednesdays 10:30 A.M.  621-6972
Washington - Thursdays 10:30 A.M.  744-0859
Riverside - Fridays 10:30 A.M.  757-8900
Washington - Saturdays 10:30 A.M.  744-0859

I am confident that each Georgia County also has a Summer Reading Program for their Children.  I would suggest that you contact your County Library System now so that your Scholars will maintain their reading readiness over the Summer Holidays.

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