Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tractor Supply Company
coming to
Bibb County, Georgia
The Headline in "The Telegraph" today makes it quite clear.  "200 new jobs coming to Bibb."  I find this most interesting and as I read the article I ascertained that our area was chosen because of transportation considerations.  I am confident that we all realize that we are in a unique location for such type organizations - distribution systems/warehouses.

We are located at the junction of I-16 and I-75 in the center of Georgia and also near enough to the fourth most vital seaport in the U. S. A. when it comes to the amount of cargo that the Port of Savannah handles that business organizations find our location very accessable.

This fact and the proposed expansion of the Runway at Lewis B. Wilson Airport makes our area very attractive for future business development.  If the current trend continues we will garner even more jobs for the citizens of Middle Georgia and these jobs will not be limited to residents of Bibb County.  Therefore we can assume that the Tractor Supply Company location in Bibb County will become a part of even more development.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage my fellow voters in Middle Georgia, in fact the whole State of Georgia to vote for their respective T-SPLOST.  Passage of this program will certainly help the whole state of Georgia grow and we all know and realize that we need growth in industry.  We cannot have success unless we have citizens who are employed and supporting the local, state and national governments with their taxes.  Without wage earners the governments at all of these levels cannot continue providing for the less fortunate among us.  We need jobs and we need them now for ourselves and we need them in the future for our children and even our grandchildren. 

Please think about the long term impact of an improved transportation system here in our great State of Georgia.

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