Monday, June 04, 2012


Recently I have enjoyed reading about the soon to be voted on "TSPLOST" during the upcoming Primary Elections on July 31, 2012.

Most of the commentary I have read is focused on the limited viewpoint/s of the writer.  What a shame.  I am one citizen of Georgia that can truthfully state that I am very glad that our duly elected officials are giving us the opportunity to vote on this issue.  I would also quickly state that I am very content and also glad that our duly elected officials are planning for the future. 

All too often we have elected officials that are concerned about their own re-election opportunities to give much consideration about the long term benefits of any of their actions.

I would submit that as you prepare to vote in the July 31st primaries that you consider:

  • Will the passage of the TSPLOST enhance our area's ability to attract new industry?
  • I would suspect that the longer Runway at our local Airport will enhance the ability of Middle Georgia to attract organizations/business firms that need cargo shipments in a rapid manner.  After all our local Passenger Airport  in Atlanta is really quite busy now.  An Airport in Middle Georgia to facilitate Cargo Planes and shipments would certainly be a plus for the potential of attracting new industry.
  • Each County was able to generate projects that they felt would improve their situation.
  • For those who may think that anyone county in Middle Georgia is going to benefit more than another, may I submit that if new industry is attracted to our area, every county will benefit.  I know for a fact that when I was an employee of Brown and Williamson here in Macon, Georgia and also located in Bibb County that many of my coworkers traveled in excess of 50 miles one way to work.  Therefore any infrastructure in Bibb County, where I reside, that would employ people would be a benefit to all of Middle Georgia.  So there goes the statement that I recently read about any one individual county benefiting on the expenditure of funds for a project would benefit only that county.  If Middle Georgia, no matter what county acquires a large industry I am confident that we all can benefit.
  • I have recently read about individuals concerned about "bike paths" as being non essential.  May I submit that we live on a Congressional District that is of poor health and that many of our fellow citizens are obese.  Maybe every county should have requested "bike paths."
I suspect that by now you can ascertain that I will vote for the TSPLOST.  It is certainly a program that will allow Middle Georgia to hopefully improve the employment opportunities for our own Children, our own Grand Children and future generations.  Yes, I am thankful that our Duly Elected State Officials are planning ahead and also wanting to improve the employment opportunities for all of Middle Georgia's citizens.  We all deserve this type of thinking.  I would also suggest that it is now our opportunity to consider what is important to the future of our area versus the limited potential that some would have us hope for.

Every time I travel to Southern portions of Georgia on either I-475 or I-75 I am grateful for the long range planning that someone performed to allow our South Bibb County to be ready for the future.

So I would ask and also suggest:  Why can we not have progress and forward thinking regarding the I-75 and I-16 interchange which will also improve the transportation infrastructure in Middle Georgia and also Bibb County.  If anyone doubts the need for these improvements may I suggest that they simply take a census of Warner Robins Air Force Base employees that travel from Jones County, Northeast and East Bibb County to work at the Base.  Also, anyone who has ever desired to travel to our local lakes North of Macon on a Friday evening knows that we can do better with an improved I-75/I-16 travel system. 

Additionally, our entertainment/convention business at the Centreplex would possibly improve is we had a more efficient travel situation at the Spring Street/Martin Luther King Blvd. exits/entrances.

This is not an issue about any particular race or ethnic group.  This is an issue for the improvement of the transportation of people/raw materials/finished products for all of Middle Georgia. 

It is certainly time to think about the future as our duly elected officials have given us the opportunity to do this July 31, 2012.  We need to plan ahead and also realize that the future of our Middle Georgia depends on these improvements.  As I stated earlier in this post, our Children and everyones Children deserve much better than what we currently have. 

I have fond memories of a former "Move Forward" campaign here in Macon, Georgia.  It is time that we once again "Move Forward." 

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Anonymous said...

As our own Bibb School System works to have all Scholars "College Ready" it would be nice if we had industry and business organization that could employ them once they graduate from College or High School as appropriate.

I agree with you, we all need to see that the future is ready when our Younger Citizens are looking for employment right here in Middle Georgia.