Monday, March 17, 2014

Plenty of Fun in Macon-Bibb Georgia

The first image in this post is of a Clivia Flower.  We have enjoyed this plant which blooms once a year in either March or April.

The second image is of a Shamrock Plant in bloom.  It blooms several times each year and this year it has provided a wonderful display on Saint Patrick's Day.

I certainly have the Saint Patrick Day Colors in bloom in My Home here in Macon-Bibb.  Over the past weekend we enjoyed over 1.7 inches of rain.  As I post this Blog entry it is raining again. 

You will note the title of this post:  Plenty of Fun in Macon-Bibb Georgia.  On Saturday, March 15, 2014 I noted an event in promoted in "The Telegraph" with the title of "Macon Kiwanis Art and Talent Showcase" which was to be held at Stratford Academy.  This was an official Cherry Blossom Event and the price of admission was 'free.'  My Bride and I attended this wonderful event.  The Talent Contest consisted of Scholars from Bibb County who are enrolled in the Public and Private Schools.  It was a wonderful display of the talent that these young people have developed.  In addition to the Talent Showcase there was an Art Contest with seventy entries. 

The talent showcase consisted of vocal and instrument performances as well as one monologue.  Several contestants sang and also performed on an instrument.

I summary a Wonderful Evening. 

On Sunday evening, March 16, 2014 My Bride and I attended the Stained Glass Production at the Grand Opera House in Macon, Georgia.  This was a Hayiya Dance Theatre, Inc. production.  It was a wonderful event and featued eight segments entitled:
Listen Lord - A Prayer
The Creation
Noah Built the Ark
Go Down Death
The Prodigal Son
Let My People Go
The Crucifixion
The Judgement Day

I include the following quote by Pilar Wilder, the Artistic Director of Hayiya Dance Theatre, Inc.:

"(Stained Glass) based on churches' tradition of telling stories from the Bible through visual arts in stained glass.  And we are all 'stained' glass in that as human beings, we are a reflection of God, though not flawless like him.  All people have the potential to be beautiful, and when you have that beauty within, it shines out."

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