Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"An Evening of Music" in Macon, Georgia

The Pictures of this Post are from the International Cherry Blossom Festival Parade held on Sunday, March 23, 2014.  This post will be about the concert held at the Performing Arts Center of Central High School in Bibb County Georgia.  The event was sponsored by the Department of Fine Arts of the Bibb County School District.  The program for the evening event on Monday, March 24, 2014 featured the Westside High School Jazz Band for Pre-Concert Music in the Lobby of the Fine Arts Center.

Two organizations performed.  The first was the Bibb County Honor Choir directed by Ms. Elise Davenport and accompanied by Mr. Gregory Austin.  During the course of the evening these 76 Elementary School Children performed twelve selections.  There was no sheet music for the performers.  They had memorized the entire program.  Their best selection was "Cherry Blossom Time arranged by Dr. Turner M. Gaughf who was the Music Director for the Bibb School System several years ago.  The Honor Choir concluded the program with a Reprise of Cherry Blossom Time.  This Honor Choir was terrific.

The Central High School Symphonic Band directed by Mr. Michael Scott consisting of 36 instrument players performed three selections.  Their final piece was "The Ascension" by Robert W. Smith.  This selection was simply wonderfully performed.  The music and the tempo allowed the listener to visualize the ascension.  The performers were wonderful and the conclusion of the piece brought the audience to their feet so show their appreciation for a performance Well Done!!!

The Department of Fine Arts of the Bibb County School District certainly produced a wonderful evening of Music as a part of the 2014 International Cherry Blossom Festival - Macon, Georgia.

In addition to the Symphonic Band receiving a standing ovation, the Honor Choir also received a standing ovation as they concluded the evening with the Reprise of "Cherry Blossom Time."

Please note that I did not take any pictures during this event simply because that is not my style for a performance such an event.  I did not desire to provide any distractions for the performers.

It should also be noted that the Westside High School Jazz Band directed by Mr. Tyler Allen had fifteen performers.  They also showcased the talent in the Bibb School System. 

These Marching Band pictures also display the talent that is available right here in Middle Georgia.  Well Done to the music departments of our High Schools, to the Directors, the performers and the families that also support their musicians.

Thank You!!!!

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