Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who Shall I Vote For This Fall - Congressman from District 2 - Georgia?

I recently learned that our President did not include the Savannah, Georgia Harbor Improvement Project in the next Budget.  This project has been studied for over fourteen years and as recently as last Fall our Vice President indicated that this was a necessary project to improve the economy in the South East U. S. A. 

Yet the recent action of our President overlooks the economic impact.  It is anticipated that this project would cause the development of over 350,000 jobs once the Harbor is deepened so that larger ships could operate our of Savannah.

While the State of Georgia has over 200 million dollars ready for this project our President has seen fit to eliminate over 400 million dollars from the next budget cycle.

I can not undertand how our President could throw my current Congressman, Congressman Bishop under the bus.  What was/is our President thinking.

Not only does the State of Georgia deserve better, but the whole Southeast U. S. A. would benefit of a deeper port in Savannah.  Besides that, as the Commander in Chief, our President must certainly be aware that "Military Materials/Equipment from Fort Stewart and Fort Benning are shipped through this port.  We must always be ready to support our Troops no matter where they are sent.  Or is the President and the First Lady merely providing lip service when they Say They Support Our Troops.  My take on this situation is that actions speak much louder than words.  The President Must Act to put the over 400 million dollars in the Budget to improve the Savannah Harbor.  I feel bad for my Current Congressman, Mr. Bishop; however we must look forward and elect appropriate indivduals who will stand up for "We The People!"  I have yet to hear or read in the media any comment/s by my current Congressman.  Therefore we must heed our gut reactions when these type of events are performed.  We must stand up for America.  How about you?

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