Tuesday, September 04, 2012

2012 Republican National Convention
Final Night
August 30, 2012
Tampa, Florida

Yes, it has been a few days since the conclusion of the 2012 Convention, therefore I will post my observations gleaned from the copious notes that I took that evening.

Clint Eastwood informed us that is is never a good idea for an Attorney to be President anyway.  Maybe we need a business man.  The most impressive statements that Mr. Eastwood made, from my own point of view was:  "We own this Country!!"   ""Politicians are employees of ours!!"  "When somebody does not do the job we gotta let them go!!"

Marco Rubio asked for prayers for Cuba, so that they can  also have Freedom and Liberty.  He spoke boldly of his Grandfather.  He also informed us that he was an American and that as an American there was no limit as to how far he could go.  We are Blessed!!!  People come to America to get away from the tired, old ideas.  Hope and Change has become Divide and Conquer.  "This Election is about your future, not his!!"

He also stated:

"Every Person has God Given Rights!!"
"We should be free to go as far as we can!!"
"In God We Trust, We have Faith in our Creator!"

Mr. Rubio concluded his remarks with this statement:

"We are Special, dreams come true here in the U. S. A."

Mitt Romney was the final speaker of the evening.  The Convention theme "We Believe in America" was on display as the Republican Candidate for President of the United States of America made his remarks.

"Experience is Essential"
"In America We celebrate Success"
"Restore the Promise of America"
"America needs Jobs"

Presidential Candidate Romney then spoke of his Five Point Plan:

  1. By 2020 be Energy Independent
  2. Give our fellow citizens the skills they need to acquire a job
  3. Make trade work for America
  4. Insure that every job creator that their work will not be in vein. We will balance the budget
  5. Champion small business
  His final promise to the convention: "Repeal /Replace Obamacare to help you and your Family!!!"

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