Monday, September 10, 2012

September 2012
Second Sunday in the Park
Macon, Georgia

Yesterday, September 9, 2012 My Bride and I attended the concert featuring "The Vespers" at Washington Park in Macon.

During the course of the Concert, which I enjoyed, I also focused on the attendees.  There were:

Kid People
Dog People
Kid and Dog People
Older People
Young People
Middle People

The Kids enjoyed the water feature in Washington Park.  The Older People appreciated the shade.  The Dog People kept their "best friend/s" on lease and everyone enjoyed the cool breeze that swept across the park.  Most everyone brought a Picnic however there was a "Food Vendor" in the park with light meals available for those who desired to enjoy some food with out preparing or obtaining food before arrival at the park.

From my point of view, this was a delightful activity because it allowed the Kids the opportunity to see older people enjoying themselves.  The music was also enjoyable and relaxing. 

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