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Recent tragic events in the Middle East have caused me to reflect on reasons why this happening.  From my point of view it is an ongoing problem with roots in the History of the Earth from many years.  Recent History where our new President conducted "An Apology Tour" in Egypt and later in other Countries let some people/s know that were enabling their goals to take over whatever they desired.  These people learned that the concept of Peace through Power, which was  first displayed with the deployment of "Great White Fleet" in 1907 was no longer a concept that the United States desired to continue.  Thus the increased "unrest" in the Middle East which we have read about and learned about in our electronic media for the past two years.

I would quickly point out that the "Great White Fleet" was a concept established by our then President, Theadore Roosevelt and the deployment of the Great White Fleet was a fourteen month deployment which traveled around the Earth during a 43,000 mile cruise.  The Fleet was called the "Great White Fleet" because the ships were painted white.  A universal symbol of "Peace."

During my own time in our United States Navy from 1961 through 1981 the U. S. Navy had as a mantra "Power for Peace."  Some may quickly state that we experienced the "Vietnam War" during this period.  While this is true, we will never know what the "Power for Peace" caused other potential enemies of the United States and our Values to remain calm.  The concept of we were ready to defend "Freedom" and "Justice" just may have caused others to not cause problems.

No one can stated that the last two years have been peaceful years in the Middle East.  As I see it, our President's Apology Tour enabled these people/s to commence gross acts against the people/s of their region and even other Nations.  I would submit that today we are viewing and reading about the actions of these people/s because our enabling attitude has given them the freedom to conduct their schemes and achieve their goals - what ever they may be.

Certainly a tragic situation for all peoples everywhere who love Freedom and Justice for all of People Kind.

You will note that the picture that leads this Blog Post is an image of what the completed U. S. Navy Aircraft Carrier to be commissioned the "USS Gerald R. Ford" will look like.  It is my sincere hope and also prayer that once again our Country will be on the forefront of defending the rights of all People Kind who seek "Freedom" and "Justice."  We cannot look for a Peaceful World by allowing any and all peoples who seek out and even wantonly "Kill" their fellow citizens and even citizens of other countries.

So  the enabling aspect of Government and duly elected Leaders has developed an unhealthy atmosphere world wide.  Thus I would suggest that the mantra of the U. S. Navy during the years I served be reestablished for our Great Nation:

"Power For Peace!!"

If you have ever taken the opportunity to read the Masthead of this Blog you will note that I set this up several years ago with the goal of being able to discuss local events, state events, national events and even world events.  This was and still is my goal.

As we here in Middle Georgia review the recent events in the Bibb School System we can also see that the concept of "enabling" has developed into a situation where discipline in the Schools has eroded to the point that we have cuttings, fights and gun related activities happening quite often.  I am not naive enough to think that this never happened in years gone by; however when you read and hear about this type activity on a weekly basis or as recent accounts in Bibb County have displayed, daily tragic events we are all first hand witnesses of what "enabling" has brought to the Bibb School System.

If I understand it correctly, the class room teachers often report inappropriate activity by scholars and the scholar is quickly returned to the class room with out an apparent  consequence/s.  Even more critical, when a scholar commits aggressive actions against a classmate or even a teacher they are often quickly returned to the same classroom.  Of course I could go on and on relative to these situations, however "The Telegraph" this past Sunday did an informative expose regarding the discipline situation in the Bibb System; so I feel there is no need to repeat that information here. 

By allowing rule breakers to quickly return to a classroom with out appropriate consequences quickly lets other scholars know that they can do just about anything and get away with it.  By being soft on appropriate discipline we are enabling the entire student body to realize that "Justice" for the majority is a concept that is meaningless.  The scholars who abide by the rules are suffering because of a the actions of a few and it appears to many that there is no appropriate discipline/consequences for those who break the rules.  Thus others may also realize that no one really cares and they also can commit random acts of violence against others without consequences.

This is where the Bibb System is today.  As I recently heard on a radio broadcast, "The inmates are running the asylum."  This situation does not bode well for the future of Public Education in Bibb County. 

I submit my observations and thoughts about these two situations, one world wide in scope and the other a local in scope situation to simply let it be known that enabling or allowing bad situations to overtake events/situations is not healthy for anyone.  If let unchecked the world situation will only degrade to chaos and if the situation in the Bibb County School System is unchecked the situation will only degrade the future of all of our current scholars and all the Citizens of Bibb County because who organization is going to relocate here or even consider relocating to Bibb County, Georgia.  Additionally, the sad situation in Bibb County will also have a major impact on the entire Middle Georgia economy and the potential for future growth and development.

So I shall close this Blog Post today by reminding all readers that:

 "Enabling Is Not Healthy For Anyone!!!"

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