Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Flower Child

What is the U.S.A.
Coming Too?

Of course, I am seeing red.  Almost everyday I read of or view the tragic events that are happening in our United States of America.

I do not have to go into detail about this concern because everyone knows of what I speak.  Today I will focus on my concept of why this is happening in our Society.

For a good number of years now we have seen the social graces of living being eroded.  Recently I read that the former emphasis on "Cursive Writing" has been downplayed in our education systems since the 1970s.

All too often budget constraints cause the elimination of the arts in our public education systems.  You and I have all heard of these situations.

This is a picture of the Central High School Chorus taken by me after they had participated in the dedication of a Blue Star Memorial Marker at the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins Air Force Base in November of 2012.  By the way, this group is terrific and well regarded whenever they perform!!!

Each of these young citizens represented themselves, their respective families, their school and the Community in an excellent manner.

Recently I received correspondence from the Central High School Book Club which indicated that this very successful program may not continue in the upcoming school year.  This is a tragic loss because as the Former Central Book Club Coordinator shared in this correspondence:

"There is nothing like books to help you understand life, especially those parts better not personally experienced."

I make these two observations today to simply out that there are are and have been excellent programs in our education system which are focused on developing fine citizens for our future.  Yet, we continue to hear and read of elimination of these worthwhile programs because of financial considerations.

I would challenge all, are really saving money?  Are we now producing citizens that have less respect for their fellow peoplekind?  Are we now already suffering the consequences of elimination of various programs by the results we now read and hear about.  For a good number of people/s it appears that their is a total disregard for human life!!!!

I would suggest that we are neglecting the nice things of live that allow us to be more human at the expense of life itself.

As a friend recently stated to me during a conversation about the ills of our Society, we are now living in the "Stainless Steel" age.  I understand that to be an age where nothing matters as long as it can be cleaned up quickly with no respect for the value of what really matters.

No longer do we as a society respect the beauty that surrounds us.  We as a society have become so self centered that we fail to appreciate the "good" we have.

So the bottom line is:

"Are we developing/fostering a future society of mis-fits that have no respect for each other or even life itself??

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