Friday, May 10, 2013

Macon, Then & Now

Historic Macon Foundation

 Today, May 10, 2013 saw the placement of the Macon, Then & Now exhibit in the lobby of the Historic Macon City Hall.

 Here you see one of two panels which display current structures compared to what was there in years gone by.  This project was funded by the "Knight Neighborhood Challenge."

The Historic Macon Foundation enlisted the talents of the Members of the Middle Georgia Camera Club to take the pictures of the current structures at select locations.  The "Then" pictures were gathered from the archieves and the Camera Club Members took the pictures of the current structures during the Spring and Summer of 2012.

Eleven members of the club took the current pictures of twenty-two locations for this display, which will be on view for the next month in Macon City Hall.

I took this picture of the "Now" Drug Store at College and Forsyth.  We all used the "Then" pictures to acquire the same view/vantage point for the current structure at the location. 

When I first arrived in Macon in the Fall of 1971 there were three homes on Georgia Avenue at this location.  The current structure is a at&t phone building.  I have been told that the columns on the current structure were from the former homes at this location.

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