Saturday, May 25, 2013

God's Gifts To
Earlier today I posted an entry concerning the future of our Society.  Now I will focus on appreciating God's Gifts to us.  Of course to enjoy the beauty and to appreciate these gifts sometimes requires some effort.

 There is plenty to appreciate near the Flower Child's Home in West Bibb County Georgia.  First of all there is an abundance of trees which provide much needed shade!

 This is a lily in bloom.  It is a potted plant which requires some water and application of fertilizer to see these beautiful flowers.

 A lace-cap hydrangea.  These flowers have flourished on the North Side for many years and they continue to bring beauty to the landscape.

 The abundance of rain fall this Spring has caused the Confederate Jasamine to flourish much better than recent years.  The fragrance is also wonderful to enjoy!!

 A mop-head hydrangea beginning to show it's wonderful beauty.  The climbing hydrangea on the chimney is also blooming, however I did not get the ladder out for a shot of the blooms.

 Another lace-cap hydrangea.  The name of this plant is "Lady in Red" so named because of the red stems of the plant.

 A cluster of mop-head blooms.  This plant will provide blooms through November if it is deadheaded.

A final view of a wonderful blue mop-head.  I do not attempt to adjust the soil to provide the pink blooms.  I enjoy and appreciate the beauty that these provide each Spring and Summer.

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