Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Made In America
United States of America
Clothing for Men

For almost two weeks now I have been following the Building Collapse in Bangladesh that has now claimed 800 lives.  This tragic situation happened in a clothing factory.

I have been a frequent customer of Lands End and other widely known suppliers of Men's clothing.

In view of what is happening throughout the world regarding safety and respect for people I have now determined that I shall buy Made in the United States of America.

I just performed a Web Search with the caption of "Made in the U S A Men's Clothing."  It was refreshing to view the number of vendors that are available.

Recently I have acquired jeans made right here in the South by a firm known as "Diamond Gusett."  Additionally I have become aware of a company known as "Duluth Trading Company" located in the Upper Midwest.  They also carry jeans manufactured in the United States of America.

I realize that I may have to pay a bit more for these products, however I am also confident that I will be able to rest more comfortable each evening knowing that I have not contributed to the demise of my fellow people kind who labor in deplorable conditions in some far off country.

Eight Hundred people perished because of an unsafe building.  If I recall correctly a factory recently burned down in the Pacific Rim and many, many workers lost their lives.

I would urge everyone to think twice before they acquire items and clothing manufactured in another country.  We can also certainly help our own U. S. Economy and put American Citizens to work in useful vocations/jobs if we all buy "Made In the U. S. A." products.

Certainly something to consider!!!!!


Alan said...

I understand that the death count is now over 1100. What a shame, all in the sense of producing cheap products for the masses who do not understand quality, but want the latest stuff without paying a whole lot for it.

Anonymous said...

I agree!!!!!