Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rain!!   Rain!!!!

Middle Georgia U. S. A.

2013 has been a wonderful year.  Thus far we have received an abundance of rainfall.  As everyone knows, this has not been the case in the recent previous years.  So far in 2013 I have recorded the following amounts of rainfall at my West Bibb County Home:

January - 2.70 inches
February - 12.45 inches
March - 4.45 inches
April - 7.10 inches
So far in May as of this date a total of 2.90 inches of rain has fallen.  Therefore the total is 29.60 inches of rain so far in 2013.

Today I read in the local print media where residents of the Huddersfield Road area of West Bibb County are experiencing flooding in their community. 

As I travel throughout Middle Georgia on a daily basis I have also observed an abundance of foliage on the right of ways of our roads, streets, county roads, state roads and interstate highways.  I make this statement because I am concerned about the upcoming problems that our governments at all levels will have as they strive to keep our communities nice looking.  It will take equipment, fuel and labor to keep the right of ways groomed.  Of course with the abundance of rain it will also require more frequent grooming/mowing.  This will impact the respective budgets of our governments.  

I make these observations today so that all concerned with keeping our respective communities looking good will plan ahead.  I certainly appreciate the abundance of rains so far this year and hope we continue to receive an abundance of rain.  After all we need to replace the ground water that we have used up in recent dry years.  Some may say that it is not good that we may be forced to expend additional funds to keep our respective communities groomed.  I would suggest that we need to also consider the long term impact of a lack of rainfall.

I am suggesting that it will indeed be prudent to maintain our respective right of ways as well as appreciate the abundance of rain that we need for the long term.  Yes, it will take some expenditure of our limited financial resources; however by prudent management I remain confident that our respective govenments can meet the challenge.

For those who do not know, I was a farm boy in my youth and then, as now, our nation's food producers continue to meet the challenges that must be met so that we can enjoy an abundance of food items. 

Certainly something for our thoughts as we continue to expect to enjoy our food resources!!!!! 

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