Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Cherry Blossom Festival
Macon, Georgia
Bed Race
Balloon Glow

 This is a photo of the AmStar Bed Race Team in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot near Cherry Street in downtown Macon, Georgia.  They are displaying their prowlness in this pre-race photograph. 
 This post-race picture was taken with the Bed Race Team.  They did not win the race but they did take time from their schedule to be photographed with the Senior Cherry Blossom Queen near the Bank of America on Cherry Street, Macon, Georgia.  I would say that they were the most photographed team in the 2011 Bed Race up Cherry Street.

This photograph and the one that follows were taken during the March 19th Balloon Glow which was conducted at Macon State College in West Bibb County, Georgia.  There must have been a dozen balloons that were heated up.  Of course the Balloon Operators fired the gas on the sound of a horn so that they all glowed at the same time.  An awesome sight and I am glad I attended this well attended event.

My picture loading technique for this Blog Post messed up.  I should have had this one before the Glow Picture.  But here again, you can see the beauty of the Balloon Glow just prior to Sunset.  A great evening and I believe that all of Middle Georgia attended this fun event. 

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