Friday, March 11, 2011

Where Are The Carriers?

This morning as I watched the News Channels I heard this report.  The United States Navy's Seventh Fleet is ready to respond to the tragic events in Japan.   As a former member of an Aircraft Carrier's Crew I felt a surge of pride rush through my body.

"Where Are The Carriers?" is a phrase that is often heard in the high commands of the U. S. Navy and I also suspect in the Operational Control Centers of the various military commands around our world when tragic events such as the Earth Quake that rocked Japan this morning at 5:46 (Local Time)  on March 11, 2011.  A Quake of 8.9 magnitude.

I quickly recalled the tragic events of January 12, 2010 when a powerful quake rocked Haiti at 4:53 P.M. (Local Time).  That Quake measured 7.0 magnitude.

I also recall that the first U. S. response was from a United States Coast Guard Cutter who employed their radar systems to vector in aircraft to Haiti to assist with the rescue efforts.  I also recall that our U. S. Navy had an Aircraft Carrier enroute to the West Coast in the general area of Haiti.  That Carrier, the USS Carl Vinson was soon on the scene to render assistance from power to pallets of supplies to assist the rescue efforts.

So, the question will always be when a tragic event happens:  "Where Are The Carriers?"  I know from my own experience that each Sailor in every U. S. Navy Ship stands just a bit taller when his Ship is called upon to render assistance in any situation no matter where in the World that situation happens.

This is just as it should be.  I would suggest that our Nation's Policy Leaders always remain mindful of this truth.  We in the United States of America have a great legacy to maintain.  We can best continue this legacy with a powerful U. S. Navy.

When I say policy leaders I am referring to our Commander in Chief as well as our U. S. Congress - both houses.  I know that the House of Representatives sets budgets and the U. S. Senate is responsible for the general welfare of all our citizens and our standing in the World.  This is also as it should be and I sincerely believe that our Founding Fathers set up this system so that we could be the "Tallest People In The World."  I know that the crew on the USS George Washington (CVN-73) in the Japanese waters is very proud of their situation.  Please note that this great Carrier is homeported in Japan and that the picture above was taken on 14 December 2010 as she returned to her homeport in Japan.

Published by Alan, A Proud American and a Very Proud U. S. Navy Veteran who saw Service in the USS Ranger (CVA-61) which at the time of it's 1963 deployment was the Flagship of "Attack Carrier Strike Forces, U. S. Pacific Fleet."  In other words the flag ship for Commander Task Force 77, which was a part of the U. S. Navy's Seventh Fleet.

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