Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Spa Products
featured in
"The Love Nest"

 Today my Post will feature the beauty and skin care products that are used in the "Love Nest" here in Middle Georgia.  The product displayed above is used by  the the female resident of the Love Nest.  The Caress "Daily Silk" is marketed as a Silkening Beauty Bar and features White Peach and a Blend of Silk Blossom.

The product shown above is used by the male resident of the "Love Nest."  It is a new product as indicated on the packaging.  It is labeled as "Extra Fresh" with an invigorating formula.  It is advertised as a body and face bar with 1/4 moisturizing cream for Total Skin Comfort.  It claims patented Technology and is "A Body and Face Bar" developed for men that thoroughly cleans skin without leaving it dry or tight.  The packaging also displays a statement that it is Dermatologist # 1 recommended brand. 

Both of these products are produced by Unilever.

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