Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Charles Martin
Central High School, Macon, Georgia

The Central High School Book Club hosted an evening with Charles Martin who has written seven books.  They are:

The Dead Don't Dance
Wrapped in Rain
When Cricket Cry
Chasing Fireflies
Where the River Ends
The Mountain Between Us

I am very happy that I attended this event.  Mr. Martin told us about his life and how he approaches the task of authoring books.  A very informative discussion and certainly the opportunity to learn about this wonderful Author.  Thank You Central High School for the opportunity to learn about this inspiring Author.

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Alan said...

During the reception after the discussion by Charles Martin a young Central High School Scholar approached me and asked if I was Mr. ________. I said yes and then she told me that several years ago I was the Read Aloud Volunteer to her class at Vineville Academy.

She was one of the young Scholars on the Stage at Central High School. She was one of the leaders of the Central High School Book Club.

She was in the fifth grade when I read to her class. I am glad she introduced herself to me because I would have never recognized her.