Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Historic Event in Middle Georgia - Macon-Bibb

Macon-Bibb County Inaugural Swearing in
December 31, 2013
The new merged Government was sworn in at the Government Center
at 11:00 A.M.  The picture may say "Macon City Hall," however
in the future it will be known as the Government Center

I captured this picture prior to the swearing in ceremony.
This displays the seats that the new Commissioners will
enact legislation for the citizens of Macon-Bibb.

When I saw this photo opportunity the first thought that
crossed my mind is that we need at least one more clothes
shop in Macon, Georgia to avoid this type of situation.  Shown
here is the new Commissioner for District Three and a Member
of the Bibb County School Board, Thelma Dillard.

I believe every print media outlet as well as every electronic
media organization was present to record for all citizens and
all time this Historice Event.  The Merger of Macon - Bibb!!

After a prayer led by Reverend Ronald Terry the Representatives
of the Sheriff's Office, Macon Police Department and the Macon Bibb
County Fire Department conducted the Presentation of the Colors. 
The Pledge of Allegiance was then recited by a Standing Room
only crowd in the Government Center Meeting Chambers.  I estimate
that at least 210 citizens were in attendance.

The First member of the new government to be sworn in by
The Honorable Tilman E. Self, III was the Mayor Robert A.B.
Reichert.  Also shown here is his wife holding the Bible.

District One Commissioner Gary Bechtel was then sworn in.

The District Two Commissioner has yet to be elected.  A run off
race will be conducted on January 14, 2014.

District Three Commissioner Elaine H. Lucas was then sworn in.

District Four Commissioner Mallory Jones, III was then sworn in.

District Five Commissioner Bert Bivins, III was then sworn in.

District Six Commissioner Ed DeFore was then sworn in.

District Seven Commissioner Scotty Shepherd was then sworn in.

District Eight Commissioner Virgil Watkins was then sworn in.

District Nine Commissioner Al Tillman was then sworn in.

After the swearing in ceremony each official took their assigned seat
to conduct the first order of business which was to ratify several
appointments and enact specific rules and regulations to
the the new government would be effective at one minute after
mid-night without any disruption in essential government
services.  All are shown here, except for Commissioner
Virgil Watkins because of my vantage point to take this picture.

Government Siblings.  After the meeting I took the opportunity to
take a picture of Commissioner Bivins of District Five who was
elected to serve as Mayor Pro-Tem.  Commissioner Bivins is
shown here with his Sister Thelma Dillard who served on the
Bibb County School Board.

Shown here is Commissioner Al Tillman of District Nine.  I had to
take this picture as he posed with a member of the Macon Bibb
Fire Department because he was the only male at this Historice
Event who wore a Pink Tie, which is considered an essential
item of any official's wardrobe in the Cherry Blossom Capital
of the World.  Well Done Commissioner Tillman.  Only he
remembered that in Macon real men wear "Pink."

This picture was taken prior to the Swearing In Ceremony.  It shows
the Mayor Elect, Robert A. B. Reichert along with Commissioner for
District Three Elect Elaine H. Lucas checking if anyone was going
to be in attendance.

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