Friday, December 06, 2013

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I realize that this picture is many years old.  I believe it was taken in 1971, however I may be off by a year.

I am also confident that everyone knows this structure, but here is the only clue you will receive.  This was taken in Rome, Italy.

Recently the Pope issued a rather long document which stated in part that the theory of "trickle down economics" was not appropriate.  I would disagree.  I recall where many of the Heroes we respect in the Old Testament of Holy Scripture had large holdings of livestock and often moved from place to place with the help of their people. 

I would also suggest that as long as there are human beings on the planet that we will have the haves and the have-nots.  This has been the situation since time began, expecially after the three lettered word of "SIN" entered into the lives of all peoples.

In short, this side of eternal life in Heaven there will never be a level playing field.  I would  suggest that the Pope and especially our U. S. President realize that they can never achieve the goal of all people having the same resources.  How would the President like to travel on his daily errands in my 1998 Dodge Ram?  I have no security staff.  I do  not even have an aircraft assigned for my personal use.  I need to say no more about that!!!!

Yesterday, December 5, 2013 we all heard of the passing of Nelson Mandela of South Africa.  Here was a person, a real Hero, that was dedicated to the improvement of the lot in life of the common man.  He suffered and lived his beliefs.  Once he was out of prison he could have sought revenge, however as many have pointed out in the last 20 hours, he sought and achieved reconcilation in his country.  Even our President went on the electronic media and told us all how President Mandela influences his own personal life.  I would submit that the President of the United States is simply making talk to achieve greatness as President Mandela did.  I cannot comprehend the concept that our President even will ever come close to being the kind of person that President Mandela was.  How can our President state that President Mandela has influenced him, when he did not achieve his goals regarding the U. S. Budget and then implemented "Sequestration" on the whole U. S. A?  This was pure revenge on our President's Part.  It can never be stated that "Sequestration" was an act of reconcilation!!!!

Reconcilation without Sequestration should become our National Battle Cry!!!!   Your comments on this post - Please!!!!

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