Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ethanol - Fracking - Keystone

I include this picture to simply remind the readers here that this is not my first rodeo!!!  I have observed the planet for a few years.  Admittedly I do not have a degree in any type of engineering as regards the acquisition of gas, natural gas or even the transport of same.

What I do have is a memory of when I was a young Iowa Farm Kid and attending a real one room country school.  I recall reading in the "Weekly Reader" where we would run out of Coal in 1975.  How did that prediction work out? 

At the current time we are reading a lot about "Ethanol" and you can quickly learn a lot about that by conducting an Internet Search.

You can also learn a lot about "Fracking" by conducting an Internet Search.

You will read about the good things that can happen with both Ethanol and Fracking as well as the evils about either of these methods of acquiring "energy" for the peoples of the United States to consume to transport people and/or stuff or even heat or cool our homes.

I would submit that we could eliminate these potential problems in our future by allowing the Keystone Pipeline to be constructed.  We have a proven track record with the Alaska Pipeline.  When the concerned people said that it would hamper the reproduction of the Moose and other animals they did not realize that the pipeline would transfer heated crude.  This heated crude fostered a warm area near the pipeline and the animals have been able to reproduce at a rate that was unexpected.  End of problem as regards the decrease in the number of animals near the pipeline in Alaska.

Which allows one to think that just maybe the Keystone Pipeline may be a better alternative than the Ethanol or Fracking technology we currently are using to reduce the need for foreign energy. 

Certainly something to think about.  But then, it may be the classic envy that some have.  Farmers have reaped a big windfall in planting and selling corn for ethanol at the alledged expense of food for the hungery.  Fact:  We in the United States of America have one of the cheapest food budgets to feed all of our citizens than any country on earth.  Land owners where fracking is being done have reaped huge profits from leasing the land do energy companies.  So I would submit that there may be some envy among those who are not Farmers or Land Owners.  In any regard, the Government is not up to speed in regulating any of this.  In fact it may just be possible that the Government should not regulate ethanol farming or fracking operations.  Let the Law of Supply and Demand regulate the energy industry.

Which causes me to suggest that the Keystone Pipeline may just be the answer to our current energy problems.  Yes, I have also recently read where we are producing more domestic energy than we are importing.  This is good.  Let us plan and develop our own resources to be even more energy independent.

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