Friday, December 06, 2013

Family Obligations

Recently I have heard a lot of conversation regarding Family Obligations
focused on where and even how to spend the Holidays.  These
conversations usually come to pass as we all prepare to celebrate
Thanksgiving and/or Christmas each year.

The above picture is of this Blog Editor taken in 1963 as this
tender young Sailor, who was a crewmember of the USS Ranger CVA-61
on a routine deployment over Christmas.

The most refreshing conversation I heard was from a young married couple
with several children.  I suspect that neither the Husband or the Wife were
over 26 years of age.

They were relating how they take turns celebrating with their
respective families.  One year they participate in Thanksgiving with
His Family and Her Family at Christmas.

The following year the scheme is reversed.  I think that this is a wonderful
arrangement.  When I asked them how the parents of each the Bride and the Groom
supported this arrangement I was told that they were adults and besides that
each of them now had their own family.  What a mature concept!!!

As I prepared to compile this post I thought of the verses from Holy Scripture
that are a part of many marriage ceremonies.  These verses can be
found in Genesis Chapter 2 verse 24 and several places in the New
Testament such as Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 31.  Each of these referenced
verses states something like:  A Man shall leave his Father and Mother and
become one with His Wife.

The following pictures were taken during My Navy Career and you can quickly ascertain
that I traveled the world.

Even as a Married Sailor and now a Married Retiree, I often do not
celebrate the Holidays with My Family.  I love them all, however I am
also mature enough to know that each of my children has a
family that they love and respect very much.

For that, I am very gratefull.  Please Have a Very Blessed Christmas
and a Wonderful 2014.

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