Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Holiday to the Holy Land (a.k.a. Iowa)

Paducah, Kentucky
Morning Two of Our Annual Holiday

For several years we have made the trip to Saint Louis, Missouri to visit our youngest Son a two day event.  We plan it so that we can arrive in Paducah for a wonderful cup of coffee and pastry at Kirchoff's and to also visit the charming downtown area.  This series of views shows that the citizens of Paducah care about their City and have expended the resources to make it a wonderful place to visit.

 This is but one sign used to let visitors know which business sponsors and cares for the plantings in the many pocket gardens in this area.

 The pastry display at Kirchoff's.  We have enjoyed our selections during each visit to this establishment.

 A monument to the Lewis and Clark Expedition is located just South of the National Quilt Museum and every time we visit I must capture new pictures.  This year if tried to get close up views of each figure.

 A few years ago I read the book "Seaman, the Dog who Traveled with Lewis and Clark" so fifth grade scholars at Vineville Academy here in Macon, Georgia.  Seaman was a Newfoundland and was purchased for the trip for the sum of $20.00.

 This view shows the complete monument of the key figures in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
 Of course My Bride travels with me on our Annual Trip to the Holy Land.
 This is a view of the author of this Blog sitting on the stone fence of the parking lot, which is shown below.  Downtown, historic Paducah have done a wonderful job of presenting their City.

My Bride took a break on a bench supplied by the Suburban Garden Club.  

Well, we must continue our Travels!!!!

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