Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Making Macon-Bibb Beautiful
Many readers here know that I was born and raised in Iowa (a.k.a. The Holy Land).  Recently I visited my siblings in my birth state and today I present several pictures that I have a desire to share with you.

Admittedly I could have retired in the Iowa, but I choose Macon, Georgia simply because there was not enough farms in Iowa for all of the Farmer's Kids.  Also, I did acquire a Bride who actually was born in Macon during my first tour of Recruiting Support duty here in Macon.

We in Macon-Bibb have much to be proud of.  We have witnessed great progress in recent years in the renovation of downtown Macon.  The demolition of 100 abandoned houses last fiscal year is a noteworthy accomplishment.

The College Hill Alliance and the Friends of Tattnall Square Park have been dynamic leaders in the renovation of other parts of Macon-Bibb.  We must also realize that Mercer University has also played  a major roll in our renewal.

That stated, we can not rest on our laurels.  The projects must continue.  We have a lot to be proud of.

Additionally, if we desire to attract business organizations we must also keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful, just as the examples below clearly display.

As I entered Bloomfield, Iowa
in Davis County I noticed these positive
banners.  This is a small Iowa
Farm Town, but they display a lot
of civic pride.

The Davis County Courthouse is located
in Bloomfield, Iowa.  Build in 1877 it
continues to enjoy the civic pride of all
citizens who support keeping it beautiful.

The Bloomfield Business District

Every structure on the Court House Square
had a business that was well kept.

Paducah, KY.  A beautiful city with a lot
of civic price.

Early morning in Paducah.  A street in
the Historic District.  All structures were
occupied and attractive.

The pocket gardens surrounding the trees
had placards announcing which business
maintained them.

Nothing fancy, just great maintenance
of the structures in the Historic District.
Paducah, KY can certainly be a shining
example for many cities in the U. S. A., including

Paducah is on the Ohio River and has a
Memorial to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
This is located on a large park South of
the National Quilt Museum.

This is is but one of the scenes painted on the Flood
Wall protecting Paducah.  There are at least
fifty painted panels.

This is the River side of the Flood Wall.  Please note
My Bride who stands about 69 inches tall.  The
painted panels displayed above are on
the other side of this Flood Wall.  Of course you can
also view the slide where the gates are placed when
floods approach.

This is the back side and also the receiving
area for a Local Grocery Store, employee owned
I challenge our P&Z as well as our local Government
to implement regulations that require our local business
operations in shopping centers to be as clean and
attractive as this.  This store is located in Altoona, Iowa,
which is just a few miles from Des Moines.
Altoona is a bedroom Community, but also
the home of the MidWest FaceBook Operation.
Facebook choose Altoona last year and the
Building is now almost complete.

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