Monday, July 28, 2014

Nephew Day
Iowa Holiday 2014
During the past several visits to Iowa one of my Nephew's also takes me around Clayton County to show me his farm operation and also items of interest to him.

As you can tell, this is a water pump.  My
Nephew welded the handle in a position so
that it now serves as a railing aside of the
steps that go from one level to another level
in his Garden area.

Here you see a flower planting in an old iron kettle
that was formerly used to heat water to scald hogs
so that they could be skinned and butchered for

This is a view of the farmstead that My Brother
owns but is rented to my Nephew.  This distance
view also includes some of the neighbors
 I climbed the 23,000 bushel corn bin on my Nephew's Farm to capture the next five pictures.

This is the inside of the Corn Bin showing the
auger used to empty the bin.

This is a view of the ceiling of the Corn Bin.
I always enjoy the time I am able to spend with all of my relatives and I continue to learn much about the current farming technology.  I can remember helping my Dad pick corn by hand and then throwing the ears of corn onto a wagon drawn by a team of hourses.  Times have changed!!!!!

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