Monday, July 28, 2014

Sibling Day
During every visit to Iowa, which is an annual event My Youngest Sibling takes me for a ride.  On this day we visited fields near Clayton, Iowa as well as other locations.  Please see the captions under certain pictures.

This is the entrance sign for the Mississippi River
town of Clayton.  I was born in a nearby
Farm House in 1940, however my Birthplace is
recorded as at:  Clayton, Iowa.

Neither of us had ever visited the Clayton Cemetery
before so we took this opportunity to do so.
Here my Sibling views the tombstones of
the parents of several of his High School Classmates.

Pikes Peak State Park on the West Side
of the Mississippi River.  This pictures was
taken from the observation platform which
is 500 feet above the Mississippi River.
Zebulon Pike and his fellow explorers first
saw this area when they came down
the Wisconsin River on their trip West.

Grain Elevators in McGregor, Iowa
A high span of the bridge that connects
Iowa with Wisconsin.

An old grain elevator in McGregor, Iowa.

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