Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bloomfield, Iowa
The Holiday Continues

After we departed Saint Louis, Missouri we traveled North to Iowa to visit Friends who live in Altoona, Iowa.  When we arrived in Bloomfield I was shocked.  It certainly did not look like the Bloomfield Area that I know here in Middle Georgia.

This banner on the Street Light
impressived me.

As we approached the City Square I observed this
informative plaque.  I then saw the Court House for
Davis County.

The Davis County Court House

This view clearly shows the detail of this magnificantly maintained
building in Bloomfield, Iowa

The local citizens have done a wonderful job in preserving their downtown.
Well Done Bloomfield, Iowa

Our next stop was Pella, Iowa.  My Bride did not bring
here Wood Shoes so we could not get out to enjoy the town.
I did quickly capture this picture.
This post clearly shows what can happen to small towns when all the citizens are on board with maintaining their town and places of business.  

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