Monday, July 28, 2014

Memory Day
2014 Iowa Holiday
As our Holiday was coming to completion I took a few hours to take the pictures that I had missed over the course of the Holiday.

This a woodland/grazing area on the Farm that
My Nephews own and operate.  They also
raise a few beef cattle as shown here.  

This is the "Area Veteran's Memorial"
located in Guttenberg, Iowa.  It list all of the
Veterans from the local area.  This Memorial
is in a park abreast of the Mississippi River.
 The next three pictures are of a tuck point project that one of My Nephews has established.  He indicated that He is encouraging His Sons to learn a craft.  Their handiwork is shown here.  This is the foundation/basement of an old Barn with limestone rock for the walls.
An After Picture.  Not bad for three boys with
the oldest being eleven years old.

A Before picture!!

 The next six pictures are of the Veteran's Memorial located in Garnavillo, Iowa, where I attended High School.

This is a "today" picture of the House
where I was born in 1940.  It was constructed
in 1918/1919 for a total cost of $3600.00 and
includes a full basement with steam heat boiler
and indoor plumbing.  It is no longer

This is Clayton Ridge Farm Land just across the
road from the house where I was born.  The highway
is also known as the "Great River Road," which
runs from New Orleans to the Twin Cities and in most
cases is very close to the Mississippi River.

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