Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visiting South Central Iowa
In addition to visiting "The Freedom Rock" which has an international following we also visited one of the "Bridges of Madison County, Iowa" during this visit to Iowa.

Each May Bubba Sorrenson repaints this
Rock just South of I-80 West of
Des Moines, Iowa.

This Young Man was inspired by the movie
"Saving Private Ryan" so a good number
of years ago he painted this Rock in
Rural Iowa.  It has now become
an annual project.

Bubba is currently painting Freedom Rocks
for each of Iowa's 99 Counties.

This Blog's Author and His Bride pose at
the Freedom Rock!!

Our next stop was the Hogback Covered
Bridge in Madison County.

By clicking on this picture you can see
a larger view and learn all about this

The interior frame work that holds up
the roof of this Bridge.

I like the reflection of the Bridge and I took this view
at the suggestion of My Bride as we departed
the Bridge area.
We certainly enjoyed a lovely day visiting two wonderful locations in South Central Iowa.

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