Thursday, November 06, 2014

Joni Ernst
The Junior Senator from Iowa

During a recent Media Broadcast I heard the Honorable Joni Ernst referred to as "The Farmer from Iowa."  I can think of no higher title for her, unless you desire to address her with her Military Rank.

We all know that she launched her campaign with a very interesting commercial that garnered National Attention.  So, today I am suggesting that anyone who is really interested in the outcome of the Election and the impact that the Next Senate can deliver to "We The People" may I suggest that you send the following donation/s to your current Senator to help the Junior Senator from Iowa to conduct what her first commercial promised.

I have conducted some World Wide Web research and have determined that the following items may be necessary:
  • A ten pack of Single Edge Razor Blades sells for $4.61.  They come in a plastic container so you can use only one Blade at a time.
  • A Gallon of Iodine sells for $24.95.
So for the sum of $29.56 You can equip your own Senator with the funds to acquire these items. Of is your available funds are limited you may desire to send the funds for just one of the aforementioned items.  Hopefully one of your Fellow Citizens from Your State will also pitch in funds.  Just in case you are not aware of what these items are used for please remember that I was raised on an Iowa Farm and during my own Tender Youth I actually did help my Farmer Dad castrate young male pigs.  

Just in case you do not know how this procedure is conducted I remain confident that the Junior Senator from Iowa will show you how!!!!

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