Monday, November 17, 2014

USS Hull (DD-945)
2014 Reunion
San Diego, California
October 21 - 23, 2014
I served in this great warship, the last of the All Gun Destroyers in our Navy as a Yeoman Chief from December 9, 1977 through December 1, 1978.

I attended my first reunion in Las Vegas 14-16 September 2004.  My Bride and I attended this reunion in 2014, which gave us the opportunity to see San Diego once again and to see how this City has changed since we last lived there when the Hull was also homeported in San Diego.  

This is a view looking down the stairs at the Point Loma Light House.  My Bride and I took the opportunity to visit this area on our own.  

The Official Welcome to the 2014 Reunion!!!

The USS Recruit where I received basic Seamanship Instruction during my Boot Camp days in October 1961.  It is now on the National Register of Historic Places and is being renovated.  The Navy Training Center which housed The Recruit Training Center no longer exist.  The area around this ship is now an area of Luxury Condos.  

The Pacific Ocean from the Lighthouse.

A view of the observation post (watch cave) used to survey the Harbor for enemy forces in years gone by.

The entry hatch for the observation post.

Looking toward San Diego!!

We also took the opportunity to visit this Carrier, which is now a Museum on the San Diego waterfront.

The Brig gate was also set up for a photo op, which I used.  During my time in the Navy I was never placed in a Brig.  

An example of a crew berthing area on a Carrier.

During my time in Boot Camp I was interviewed for the NAVCAD program.  I did not pass the interview.  The NAVCAD program was set up to train enlisted Sailors to become Pilots.

The Chapel in the Midway.  A very inspiring place.

To visit the Midway we parked in an official Navy Parking Lot.  Here is the physical fitness equipment that Sailors use to keep fit in our New Navy.

The skyline of San Diego has certainly changed since our tour ended there in 1978.

We rented a Dodge Charger to travel around San Diego.  It certainly knew how to merge on the California Interstates.  

I did not qualify to be a Bell Boy, but I did enjoy the opportunity to check out the equipment.

Here we await the Trolley to take us about San Diego.

We took the opportunity to visit the San Diego Air and Space Museum.  It was an interesting and educational place.  It is located in Balboa Park.  

The Japanese Tea Garden at Balboa Park!!!

A Catholic Church in Old Town San Diego!!!!

 We certainly enjoyed our Visit to San Diego and the USS Hull (DD-945) Reunion.  

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