Thursday, November 06, 2014

U. S. Senate Run Off 
in Louisiana

Good Morning.  Suppose you are a resident of Louisiana and are looking forward to the Senate Run Off Elections next month.  I suspect that this has become the topic of many Early Morning Coffee Shop Discussions especially among the more mature Citizens.  I am sure that this is happening in New Orleans and Baton Rouge as well as any other Community in Louisiana.  

Admittedly I have not overheard any conversations because I currently live in Georgia, however based on my experience I suspect that the conversations could go something like this:

A Mom and Pop Coffee Shop in New Orleans.  Sam to his Buddies.  You remember my Grandson, Jerry.  Well he has done quite well in the Army and he recently told me he is up for a promotion to General and when he gets it he will most likely be assigned to the Pentagon.  At this time John mentions that any promotion in the Military at this level must be approved with the advice and consent of the U. S. Senate.  At this time Sam pauses and reflects on who he would vote on in the upcoming run-off.  So, John, are you  suggesting that I vote for the Republican Candidate in this Run-Off?  John replies encouraging Sam to vote for the Republican simply they now have the majority in the Senate and it would only make sense to insure that Jerry would be approved for promotion to General.  

Now in Baton Rouge there are several Senior Females discussing the upcoming Senate Run Off Election and wondering who the should vote for.  Gertrude is wondering how much power the U. S. Senate actually has!!!   Her youngest daughter is an Officer in the U. S. Navy.  Gertrude understands that the Captain Selection Board is soon going to be in session.  Her daughter, Sandy is a Commander and is hoping to be selected for the Rank of Captain.  Her personal goal since her commissioning in the Navy is to become a Captain and hopefully be assigned to duty as the Commanding Officer at the U. S. Navy Recruit Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois.  Sandy is an Academy graduate and has obtained additional education in the areas of Human Resources and Military Discipline.  Sandy feels that she would be a perfect fit for her dream job.  Sandy's best friend, Stella reminds her that the U. S. Senate must approve her daughters promotion.  At this point, Sandy states that she will vote for the Republican simply because the make up of the next Senate will be Majority Republican.  She certainly thinks it prudent to support the U. S. Senate Majority.

So my friends, there you have it.  If we desire to see good things happen of a rather personal nature as well as good things for the good of all U. S. Citizens I am suggesting that the Coffee Shop discussions in Louisiana between now and the Senate Election Run Off will result in many votes for the Republican Candidate for the next Senate. 

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