Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Who Threw Democrat Senate
Candidates and Some House
of Representatives under
the Bus?

This Post is about the 2014 Senate and House of Representative Elections!!!

I would suggest that it was the President of the United States - (POTUS) who certainly assisted in the throwing!
The following is a brief list of what our POTUS accomplished as He assisted in throwing Candidates under the Bus.

I certainly think the Voters of the United States of America remembered the following situation/s and others as they participated in the November 2014 Elections on either November 4th or during the Early Voting or by Voting by Mail:
The Marine Jailed in Mexico
The Seventeen Trillion National Debt
The ObamaCare Website Rollout
The increase in the number of citizens
who are Homeless
The increase in the number of SNAP
The Pending Pipeline to allow our Country
to become even more energy indepentant
The Veterans's Administration Scandal
The Lack of Positive Action regarding the Crisis in Syria

I am confident that there are more, however I think this list contains enough information to cause a good number of Citizens to Vote for anyone who even Held the Promise of Improving the Lot in Life for the U. S. Peoples.  

As Prime Minister Thacher of England reminded us a few years ago, "Socialism works well until you run our of other Peoples Money to make the necessary Programs successful.  (Please note that this may not be an accurate quote, however the meaning is essentially what she stated).

Thank You for your time spend reading this Post, which I post to allow serious thought on what has happened in the United States of America.  

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