Saturday, November 22, 2014

Macon-Bibb United Boxing
Turkey Warm-up
Today, November 22, 2014 I was determined to attend this event held in the Freedom Park Gym.  I had read about this event in the local print media and I wanted to see for myself what the Boxing Arena looked like.  I took this view before any matches were conducted.  There are two rings in this space and by the time the matches started it was standing room only.  I talked to one parent who was also a Coach and he had traveled from Greenville, South Carolina.  He introduced me to his Son who was going to participate in the eleventh match as a 70 pound 8-9 year old age class.  He proudly showed me his video from the previous match last week in Greenville.  This was a family event and there were a total of 35 matches scheduled to be conducted in the two rings.  This event was well organized and I am glad I attended.  Please find a few pictures here:

This gym was a former Basket Ball site for young people in Macon-Bibb.  It was recently converted to this Boxing Arena.  It is well done!!!!

The Young Boxer in the "Red" corner was the Son of one of My Neighbors.  I did not know that His Son was involved in Boxing.  This is a picture before the match started.

The Boxer with the "Blue" Helmet from the Blue Corner was from Calhoun, Georgia.  As indicated earlier in this Post, Boxers from all over Georgia participated in this event; as well as young boxers from several neighboring states.

I was able to capture some of the action with this view!!!!

I was impressed with the "Sportsmanship" that the Coaches and the Boxers displayed.
The Boxer from Calhoun won this Match.  The opponent then placed the award with ribbon over his neck.  Great Sportsmanship lessons taught at this Match conducted in Macon today.

I post this Entry to inform everyone in Middle Georgia that we can indeed be very proud of this program and what it is accomplishing for the Young Citizens who participate in this endeavor.  Well Done to Macon-Bibb!!!

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