Monday, November 17, 2014

USS Sellers (DDG-11)
2014 Reunion
San Antonio, Texas
October 16 - 19, 2014
I served on this great warship known as the Best Anti-Submarine Guided Missile Destroyer in the U. S. Atlantic Fleet as a Yeoman First Class from 22 November 1969 through 28 October 1971.

My Bride and I attend this reunion, our third one for the Sellers.  We attended the 2002 reunion in Charleston, SC October 17-20 and the 2004 reunion in Jacksonville, FL October 7-10.
Here you see the USS Sellers (DDG-11) at sea.  Note the ASROC launcher mid-ships and the Tartar Missile Launcher just before the Fantail.

The Sellers, because of her Hull Number was proudly also known as "Double One, Second to None,"  Shown above is the view outside of the "National Museum of the Pacific War" located in Fredericksburg, Texas.  We enjoyed the tour of this Museum, which contained a large number of displays about World War II.  It was very educational.

Shown here on the Gun Mount outside of the Museum is the Captain of the USS Sellers (DDG-11) who was in command when she participated in an around the World Cruise.  Robert Rumney was the Commanding Officer for the period of 1972-1974.  

This and the following views were taken inside the Museum.

After the Museum Tour we visited the Admiral C. W. Nimitz Museum.  Here is a statute of this Admiral who led the U. S. Navy During World War II in the Pacific.

The Admiral Nimitz Museum is located in the Hotel that His Family owned and operated in Fredricksburg, Texas.

Of course the canned beverages were kept cool in the traditional Navy Way that most of us employed during parties during our Navy Service.

Two of our Shipmates trailered their Bikes from South Carolina so that they could enjoy the Texas scene with plenty of air in their faces.

Every Reunion also features plenty of "Chow."  We all enjoyed the great food service and no one had to perform any "Mess Cooking Duty."

Our Reunion Association President discusses our event schedule with us.  Well Done to Delta Hinson and the Reunion Coordinator, Carl Riedel.  Both of these Shipmates served in Sellers during the 1975 - 1979 period.

Our second full day in San Antonio included visiting "The Alamo" and the World Famous River Walk.  We enjoyed these opportunities to explore San Antonio.

My Bride and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the "Mad Dog" which is right along the River Walk.  Great Food and British Beer!

This tree with berries was on the portico of the San Antonio Crowne Plaze Airport Hotel.  We also had a visit from our dear Navy Friends who reside in the Austin, Texas area and were Shipmates during My Sea Duty in the USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32) in the 1976-1977 time frame.

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