Friday, October 04, 2013

Kitchen Equipment
Sight Challenged Homemakers

I have been known to perform cooking and baking at our home here in Middle Georgia.  I follow recipes that require measuring ingredients.  Please note that the recipes are printed in black ink on white paper so they are quite easy to ready.  Throughout our life thus far, My Bride and I have acquired the measuring equipment that has raised letters of the same color as the plastic cup/s or the print is so small that you have to put on your reading glasses to determine which device you desire to use.

Unlike television remote controls, there are options available to allow anyone to cook and/or bake without compromising their self respect.  I have acquired measuring devices which I will feature today.

I appreciate this set of five measuring spoons which carry the
following description:  Progressive International Stainless Steel Magnetic
Measuring Spoons.  You will note that each spoon has a round
end as well as a slender end.

The slender end is perfect for measuring items which
are often contained in small jars.  No longer do you have
to pour out the spice/s in small jars into a round measuring spoon.
You can place the slender end of the spoon into the
jar and obtain exactly what you need to complete
the recipe.  A perfect solution to one problem.

You will note that these spoons also stack.  There is a
magnet on the back of each spoon, which allows one to
stack them neatly in the storage drawer of your cooking/baking
work center.  Also, the spoons have a slight flat spot on
the bottom which allows you to pre-measure your
items and place them on your work counter so that you
 can place them into the mixture without
concern that the spoon will tip over.  Again, a very appropriate
aspect of the design of these spoons.

I can actually read, just as you can, the volume of each
of these measuring cups.  As you can ascertain from the
handles, these are Betty Crocker Measuring Cups and there are
four sizes.  1/4, 1/3, 1/2 and 1 cup.

I am looking forward to my next baking and cooking projects so I can perform the task without the use of my reading glasses.  I am confident that you also may like to acquire these products.  They are especially useful for a mature citizen such as myself so that I can measure stuff without donning my Reading Glasses.

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Jan said...

Especially good when you can't find your glasses :)