Monday, October 21, 2013

Weatherby Drive
Macon, Georgia

Urban Renewal Project
October 21, 2013

 The previous three pictures clearly show the "before" pictures of my Plant Planting Project of today, 21 October 2013.

 I planted seven "Sweetness" Yellow flowering Daffidols at the base of the mail box.  This variety was first sold in 1939 and is noted for a superb fragrance.  It reportedly multiplies well.  The package stated to plant in full sun, which I did.  They are to bloom in February and will be about 12 inches high. 

 Anytime I place plants in the soil where I live I dig and set a five dollar hole for a 2 dollar plant.  For this project at the mail box I acquired Fafard 3B Professional Formula for Bedding Plants.

The plants I placed in this mixture named from left to right are:

A pretty untagged plant
Acorus gramines "Variegata"
Ogon Golden Variegated Sweek Flag
Acorus gramines "Variegata"
Nagoa Rose Flowering Kale

All of these plants should grow to at least 12 inches tall.  I covered the Soil Mixture with pine straw to hold the soil in place during the rains and/or watering evolutions.

This is a picture of the completed project.  The plantings were placed on both sides of the Mail Box and are all in full sun so they should do well.  

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