Monday, October 21, 2013

Macon-Bibb County
United States of America

Please note that I indicated the exact City, County, State and Country as the Title of This Post.  If you view these pictures and did not know, you may get the impression that these were shot in some third world Country and not in Georgia.

 This is a picture of the Board of Elections Headquarters on Pio Nono Avenue in Macon, Georgia.  One would think that with all the people running for public office at various times that this sign would reflect the pride we should have in our City and County.  

 This is the sign that visitors to Macon-Bibb County see as they depart Houston County Georgia traveling North on highway 247 toward Macon.  In addition to the City and County Names it also welcomes travelers to the Cherry Blossom Capital.  The maintenance of this Welcome Sign is a disgrace to anyone who resides in Macon and Bibb County.  I did not perform a close-up inspection of the dead plants/shrubs at the base of this sign; however I would suggest that the appropriate governmental officials consider acquiring the services of the local landscape firm, which has their Headquarters on the West Side of Highway 247 a few feet from this sign.

Here you see two view of a dangerous tree on Tucker Road in West Bibb County.  I frequently travel this road and am concerned enough to report this dangerous tree.  As most citizens know, thousands of Scholars attend the West Bibb County Private and Public Schools in this area.  It would be a terrible situation if this dangerous tree fell on a school bus or a van full of Scholars or even participants of sport events which are very frequent in this area.  

This dangerous tree could also fall on a car and do considerable damage and possibly take a life or two or even several.  

I publish this Post today to point out that We The People certainly deserve better and it is my sincere hope that our duly elected officials actually live up to their campaign promises.  Admittedly, we should expect the current crop of 21 elected officials to resolve these issues.  Just think, come January 2014 we will have only ten duly elected officials to resolve/correct any issue/s we have in Bibb County.  It is my hope that less will be better.

Thank You for taking the time to read this post today.  If you see/observe a dangerous situation please let the appropriate officials know.  If you witness a situation that is a disgrace to the people of Macon and Bibb please let the appropriate officials know.  

Together We Can Do Better!!!!

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