Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who Won?
This evening, October 16, 2013 a local Television Station here in Middle Georgia asked a poll question.

Who Won as regards the Government Shutdown which commenced 1 October 2013 in the United States of America?  The allowed responses were:

No One

Later in the Newscast it was announced that well over 70 percent who responded to the Poll answered "No One."

I maintain that "We The People" won.  Now we know for sure what we have elected to serve in our Nation's Senate, our House of Representatives and even who we elected to the Office of President.  

A good number of years ago many of us were aware of the term:  ID-10T.  The Urban Dictionary list this as one of several meanings:

"Code name used to describe a situation where someone is having complex problems with a simple solution."

I would submit that we have at least 536 duly elected officials at the National Level who could fill the description of ID-10T as defined by one of the definitions listed in the Urban Dictionary.  

I would also submit that the simple solution which could have avoided the shutdown would have been for 536 duly elected leaders to communicate with each other in a very timely manner and actually enact laws that reflect the will of "We The People."  As I view our current government a good number of our "leaders" are only interested in promoting their own self interest.  

Just maybe during our next election cycle, which I believe is in 2014 we will see "We The People" vote to improve our government, or at least replace some of our duly elected leaders.  We certainly could do no worse.  

What say you regarding this situation.  As always, comments are welcome.  The author of this Post will monitor your comments to eliminate any that are harm full.  


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Anonymous said...

Alan, I appreciate the fact that you numbered the officials of whom you wrote at 536. Much of the "news" we hear about this situation leaves out one of the ID-10T's and places all the blame with the other 535.
Rob R.