Friday, November 22, 2013

Customer Service in Macon
Lowe Electric

Several days ago My Bride and I decided it was time to upgrade the exterior Light Fixtures that adorn our home here in Macon, Georgia.

I looked at several options and purchased lights and they were not appropriate from My Bride's point of view.  After a second visit to Lowe Electric we obtained several fixtures to actually take home and check out.  We then determined that fixture "X" would be proper so we returned to Lowe Electric and purchased two new fixtures.  They cheerfully refunded the full amount for the fixtures that I had purchased.  Therefore I spend the late afternoon installing the new lights.  Here is a series of pictures that I took after sunset to show how they look.

If you are looking for light fixtures I would suggest that you visit Lowe Electric.  They understand the concept of Customer Service and certainly meet the needs and desires of the Customer.  You can visit their website at:

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