Monday, November 18, 2013

Thinking Like A Thief!
I am confident that many of the readers here are aware that almost every week I read the Bibb County Sheriff's Blotter which details the crime here in Bibb County Georgia.  Today I will share some of my observations with you.  I also know that most people that are inclined to seek our your stuff have the Brain Power which is far superior to mine.  They usually target their victims with intense prior thought on how they will acquire somebodies stuff.

That stated, I recently read an observation concerning Thanksgiving Day.  A day set aside to show great gratitude for what we have and the very next day we commence our annual quest to acquire more!!!  It really does not make much sense.

Now on to the focus of this Post. 

Does this person look like a Thief?  You never know!!

Here are a few ideas that I would suggest just may prevent you from becoming a victim:
  • When you park your car or leave it outside anywhere - Lock the Doors!!!  You would be amazed on the number of auto break-ins are completed without the thief even having to break-in.  Then, remove your cell phone/s and laptops, etc.  You are really contributing to your own ID theft if you leave these articles in your car or pickup.
  • For you who reside in homes with a window/s in the door.  Never leave your purse (which contains your ID and maybe even some cash) with credit card/s in plain sight or for that matter hidden on a table or chair within a few steps of that door.  Oh, you say, you have an alarm system.  Too bad that the normal thief can get away from your home ahead of the local law enforcement arriving on the scene.
  • Always arrange for a neighbor to collect your newspaper/s and/or mail when you leave town for even a day.  I can drive down your street and quickly ascertain who is not at home.
  • Just the other day I was traveling on Tucker Road and I observed a "Boat For Sale."  The boat and trailer was chained to a gate.  The residence was back in the woods so it was quite possible that the boat owner could not see anyone attempting to steal the boat and trailer.  If I wanted the boat I would also haul off the gate.  Gates are not that difficult to remove from the post, even if the hinges are installed to prevent a quick pick up of that same gate.  If I wanted the boat I would come equipped with the proper equipment to acquire the boat within about 90 seconds.  
  • A Thief has the ability to appear calm and act like they belong on your property.  Therefore your neighbors, no matter how alert they are may assume that the thief belongs on your property.
  • This one is of real interest to me.  I attend a Church that has a Fellowship Hall and very often ladies, both young and mature leave their purses in that Hall while they attend to obligations elsewhere in the Church.  Can you imagine someone going to the powder room and then returning to ascertain that their purse has been removed from the back door!!!  Shocking to say the least.  You may say, who would enter church property to steal?  Please be aware that a thief will quickly depart and he will have violated your trust with your money, credit cards, identification cards, etc.  This is no way to Worship no matter which day of the week you participate in religious events.
  • Avoid the common practice that those among us who are endeared to various platforms of Social Media.  They will often post that they are going somewhere/anywhere and then the thief knows when to hit.  The other overlooked post involves a post of you, your family and even your loved ones at some remote to your home location telling the world how much you are enjoying your Holiday in the Mountains, at the Beach or anywhere else.
I post these observations and comments and my concerns today because the Holidays are fast approaching and many will take the opportunity to celebrate by traveling to visit others.  Please take the time to "Think Like A Thief" and protect yourself from the tragic senseless loss of your "stuff."  After all, you or someone you love worked quite hard to acquire this stuff.

I know that the examples I cited above are just a few of the situations of which I am aware.  The most interesting one I read of this past week-end was when two females engaged in a fight at a local eating establishment and then a thief entered the structure and held up the cashier.  A diversion is also a quick way to accomplish an evil deed.

Please stay alert and enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas and celebrate the New Year with your personal security intact.

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