Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I realize that today is Tuesday, however I desire to get an early start on most of my projects.  Thus this Blog Post.

This picture was taken on 7 October 1972.  From Left to Right:
My Brother David at age 30
Myself, Alan at age 32
My Brother John Paul at age 20

Of course there are extra people in this picture.  This is of the entire
Family and was probably taken in the early part of 1961.

For the sake of comparison:
Brother John Paul is the smallest person here.
I, Alan am standing right behind John Paul.
Brother David is on the far right.

Of course we all looked a bit different in 1972 on the day I married My Bride Janice Marie.  In fact I do believe you will have to agree that we do clean up well.

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