Friday, November 01, 2013

Flower Child's Home
1 November 2013

It was an overcast day outside and an excellent day to hone my skills on indoor photography.  You will note the warm toned images.  These were obtained without a flash.

The Master Suite Bath

The upper level of a two story foyer

The painting on the wall was acquired during
a trip to Naples in 1969

These pictures were taken in the Library.  The Heritage Poster
was one that I was particularly fond of during my time
in Navy Recruiting.  

The SS United States is the ocean liner on the top.
I rode this ship from New York to Southampton, England
for my duty on the Staff, United States Naval Forces
Europe.  On served on this Staff from 1966 to 1969.
The four black and white photos are of the four ships I
served on.  The USS Ranger (CVA-61), the USS Sellers (DDG-11),
USS John Paul Jones (DDG 32) and the USS Hull (DD-945)
The Hull was the last all gun destroyer in our United States Navy.

My framed Shellback Certificate.  I earned this on
May 20, 1964 while serving in the USS Ranger.
We were involved in Special Operations involving
the U-2 Spy Plane.  The bottom picture is
of the U-2 that operated off of Ranger.  It is now in the Museum
of Aviation at Warner Robins Air Force Base here
in Georgia

I was always told by My Brother that one can never have
too many Angels.  There are at least fifteen Angels in our Home.

I was recently able to acquire some square china while I was on
a Saturday shopping spree here in Macon, Georgia

This Oriental Dining Service was acquired while on
a Fall Holiday to North Carolina in 2012

I have many dried Hydrangea Arrangements throughout the

Note the Teak Tables.  I acquired these from a G Plan Store while
I was stationed in London, England

The fruit and this bowl was acquired at the Payne City
Market here in Macon, Georgia

Two more Angels

As an Iowa Farm Boy I do appreciate hogs.  This one was
a gift from a Special Friend

No Iowa Farm Boy can function without reminders of
his Tender Youth.  The Rooster is standing in front of a
framed photograph of a McCormick Grain Binder.  I have
fond memories of shocking oats for the trashing machine
when I was a 12 year old farm kid.

These are replicas of the pool gate at Winterthur the home of the
de Pont Family.  This home is located in Wilmington, Delaware

This False Aralia plant was given to us over twenty
years ago by a very dear friend.  It was about
twelve inches high at the time.  It has flourished in
this North Side of the House location

You have just completed a tour of the Flower Child's Home which he shares with his Bride of 41 years and 24 days.  

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