Friday, November 22, 2013

Taste and See
Coffee Shop and Gallery

I first learned of this delightful Coffee Shop today, November 22, 2013
when My Bride told me we were going to enjoy Coffee in Macon at
a new place she had heard about.  Once I entered I observed that
this is not your ordinary coffee shop (A fact that is highlighted on
the promotional literature) which I picked up once inside.

This Coffee Shop is also a gallery as indicated on the sign
in the window at 546 Poplar Street down from City Hall.  It is
also very close to Arvin's Pawn Shop.  There is plenty of parking
at this Coffee Shop and Gallery.  Please note that two young
men developed this shop and gallery.  One of them enjoys
taking pictures.  This is but one of the many lovely pictures
which adorn the walls and the display racks in the Shop and

This is a view of just a small portion of the seating area inside
this Coffee Shop.

This massive fireplace is in a small seating area
which allows patrons to enjoy the intimate atmosphere
available at this shop and gallery.

One more View.  We stopped by mid-morning.  The shop opens
at 7 A.M. and remains open until 10 P.M. on Monday through
Thursday.  On Friday and Saturday the closing time is one
hour later.  This establishment is closed on Sunday.  I was
particularly impressed with the attitude of the establishment
when I was at the counter ordering my coffee.  There was
 a supply of Prayer Cards and a Basket to place them in so
that others could remember and share their mercy for those
who needed prayer.

I understand that this Coffee Shop and Gallery has been open for about two months and you can be sure that I will stop by this place whenever I am in downtown Macon conducting my errands.  A great place that the also serves fine coffee and food items.  The perfect place to meet friends and even conduct business.  

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