Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tom Burrell

Exploring the Color Line

The Exploring the Color Line discussion group which has been meeting at the Tubman African American Museum has just completed the reading and discussion of the book "Brainwashed."

This book had several chapter with interesting titles which captured the attention of all the discussion group members.  Some of the chapter titles are:

By Now, Pay Later
D's Will Do
Bred to be Led
Studs and Sluts
Relationship Wrecks
to list a few.

The concluding Chapter was titled:  "Yes, We Must!!"  This chapter concluded with these brief comments/recommendations to resolve the plight of Black Peoples Everywhere.  No Victims Allowed.  We Must Now Move Forward.  Everyone must individually do the Correct Things.

The Black Race has a long legacy of oppression, but changes must be accomplished.

The Author recommended a four step program:
  1. Question
  2. Analyze
  3. UnPlug
  4. ReProgram
I certainly learned a lot during my readings thus far and I would encourage everyone, no matter what race to read the books which we have now completed:

"Running A Thousand Miles For Freedom" by William and Ellen Craft

"Brainwashed" by Tom Burrell

If we are to move forward as a society things must change.  I can accept this concept which was stressed in the book by Tom Burrell.

I would further add to this Post that this Discussion Group and the Exploring the color Line is funded by the Georgia Humanities Council.

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Anonymous said...

I also have read the books you list. I recall that the summary of events that Mr. Burrell mentions in his concluding chapter includes the fact that "We Must No Longer Accept The Fact That We Are Victims."

Only then can real progress be made by the members of the Black Community.

I appreciate your post on this series.