Monday, February 28, 2011


A Challenging Month

February for another near will be over at Midnight.  The month of February is and has been a challenging month for me.

Every member of my first family was born in February.  I am usually able to maintain my focus on my current family during the remaining eleven months of the year.  In some regards I do wish I could forget the month of February.  That stated I also realize that I cannot change the past.  Like anyone else in this world, I must focus on the future. 

I know that I have been very well blessed and I appreciate my health each and every day.  My current family is also well blessed.  The picture displayed above was taken at Christmas Time in 2009.  It shows my two Sons and their respective families.

I know that God's Blessings will continue to have an impact in my life.  Thank You!!!

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